Frequently Asked Questions. *for more assistance you can call +91-8318260730.
Q: What is our benefit to join family???
A: Team will fill your form on your behalf. Cyber cafe and other providers could charge upto Rs. 100. But Our team charge only Rs.39(fix service fee). Team saves your money as well as time.

Q: How Team is different from others?
A: There is so many sites in internet today. They only give notification and information about post. But Team not only gives all information about job post but also fill your complete form on behalf of you.

Q: What I have to do for apply the form??????
A: You have to click on signup button. Futher you have to fill the given detail which is needed in application form. After completion the form. By using your email and password you can login at After that you can apply for any post.

Q: Why we apply from you?
A: Team fill your form on your behalf. By which you can save your money as well as time and you can only have to focus on your study to beat the competition.

Q: How we get notification from Team
A: You will receive notification of all post via SMS, E-mail, whatsapp,facebook services.

Q: Are we forced to apply the post from ?
A: No, you are free to apply the form from us or not. provide both detail of Direct link (Apply Online) and Sarkariavedan link (Apply Through Us) to fill your form.

Q: What will be the charge of
A: Our service charges is Rs.39(fix rate). You can also get coupons time to time to reduce this charge. Many time you can get coupon code to fill your form free of cost(service charge).

Q: How we can connect with you?
A: You can just give a missed call at +91-8318260730, +91-9716973441, +91-9451279517. Or you can send mail at For more detail you can visit Any Problem? Section. Our Team will definitely come back to you.

Q: In how many days Team will fill our form?
A: Within 24 hour team definitely fill your form.

Q: When will we receive message after completion the form???
A: Within 24 hour you will get the final completion message. Also you can check your form status and your previous form in your login section.

Q: What will be the method of payment regarding form?
A: is very flexible in payment, we use that method by which you are very friendly like Paytm, PhonePe, Bhim, Tez or you can direct transfer to our account by any method. All the details are available to the Payment section after form applying.

Q: How will we get payment receipt??
A: . Just simply login at and vist to my form status there you can get your receipt of your form and payment receipt.

Q: How we get refund from
A: If there are any problem in form filling we will contact to you but after one time form filling and payment complition you will not get refund from us. But if any form is canceled by goverment norms we will surely refund your payment within 24 hours and you will get all these notification by different methods.

Q: How we get coupon code and how it is benificial to us.
A: You can get coupon code by visiting the site regularly. Many time we will provide you coupons by sms, whatsapp, and other methods. Just keep connect with us.

Q: How will we get the print of our final application form???
A: You can login with username and password. After login just click on my form status . Where Our Team upload your application form. So You can download it and we also send this to your email, whatsapp, facebook. We will provide you all the information after final submittion.

Q: How we get our previous form detail from Team
A: When you login at You can see My previous form on your dashboard. Just simply click on it and get the all details regarding your previous form.

Q: If we do not want to signup at but we wants to fill our form from your Team. What should we do?
A: Just simply give a missed call at +91-8318260730, +91-9716973441, +91-9451279517. Team contact you for futher process.

Q: If we unable to crop the photograph, signature and thumb impression. What should we do??
A: You just simply click the photo of photograph, signature and thumb impression by any mobile phone and upload it or send it at +91-8318260730, +91-9716973441, +91-9451279517 with your username, team do all the work for you.

Q: How our data will be safe??
A: Your data is 100% in safe hand. Because we apply encryption method to maintain the privacy of every aspirants.

Q: If we miss any detail what will you do for me??
A: If you missed any detail then team contact you for further requiremets.

*for more assistance you can call +91-8318260730.